Head’s Up Insight: Here’s Where SECURE 2.0 Falls Short And Will Disappoint You Today

“I think one area of SECURE 2.0 that has been over-hyped is the new privacy protections it provides,” says Mina Tadrus, CEO of Tadrus Capital in Tampa. “People may expect SECURE 2.0 to completely protect their personal information when in reality, there are still vulnerabilities and security concerns associated with sharing any sensitive data online. Additionally, even with the new protections, users may not be aware of the potential for malicious actors to access and misuse their data if it is stored in a vulnerable system or platform.”

Source: Forbes

Author: Chris Carosa

Continue reading here: https://www.forbes.com/sites/chriscarosa/2023/01/25/heads-up-insight-heres-where-secure-20-falls-short-and-will-disappoint-you-today/?sh=5bf0c4ea4620


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