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Message from our CEO

As a former derivatives consultant for JPMorgan and a trading desk supervisor with one of the largest prop trading firms in New York City, I was able to see and experience how risk management and quantifying a systematic investment strategy can lead to higher returns on investments. 

These skillsets that I didn’t realize I had, allowed me to distinguish myself among my peers. For these reasons, I decided to start Tadrus Capital LLC. We’re not just different, we’re exceptional. Our goal is to change the wall street standard using our superior financial technology built around not only risk management, but also profit management so that we can capture gains before markets turn.

We cannot control the volatility of an asset, but we can control 100% of the risk we take. And as I’ve mentioned before; we’re not just different, we’re exceptional.

Mina Tadrus, M.A, J.D | Chief Executive Officer

We're All About Financial Technology

Tadrus Capital is a private financial technology company. 

Our main objective is to deliver superior risk-adjusted returns for our investors within a robust risk management framework through the application of the scientific method to the field of investment management. In the pursuit of our mission, we strive to attract, train, and retain the best human talent from the fields of science and technology. We work hard to constantly improve our company, processes, and technology with the final objective of offering competitive and innovative products within a solid investment and operational infrastructure.

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