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We aim to generate value for our clients by relying on the scientific method through sophisticated quantitative research on vast amounts of data and advanced technology. Most of the people in our team hold advanced degrees from the fields of science and technology. We have the objective of solving hard problems in the quantitative investment management field, and at the same time provide continuous innovation and bring new investment products to our investors.

Our Values

Qualities we look for in our people

Intellectual Curiosity

A core element in our company is the sophisticated quantitative research process. For this reason, we look for people who are intellectually curious and enjoy exploring new types of data under various perspectives.

Problem Solving

Many hedge funds managers have access to the same type of information, but they deliver different performance to their investors. A key differentiator in the quantitative investment management industry is the available for the company of human talent capable of analyzing the available data in a better way and gain better insights than other companies in the same space. In order to explore data in a more meaningful way, and to develop better technology, we look for people who have an innate passion in tackling and solving hard problems and find patterns in large amount of data.

Continuous Learning

Members of our time are lifelong learners. They like to develop a new skills or gain experience in a related area which can make more valuable and become experts in their area. We also encourage our employees to collaborate and contribute by helping other members who do not have expertise in their area.



We work with very difficult problems that often require different areas of advanced expertise. For this reason, our people understand the value of collaboration and of helping other members within the organization in order to share their knowledge and expertise, and at the same time deliver more value than by working on their own.


Quantitative research and technology development can be a very long process, which is going to give a great amount of experience in the process to the person doing it. In order to accomplish their tasks, we need people who are good at working in teams, but at the same time can be independent enough to be able to solve their own problems. We also like persons who have a spirit of initiative in exploring a path arising from a project that was not planned at the beginning, but that could lead to interesting discoveries and opportunities to discover new sources of alpha.




We reward our people based on their merit and contribution to the performance of the company and the trading team they are assigned to. For this reason, we have a flat organization, to make sure that people are rewarded for the value they bring to the firm and feel like there is no limit to their opportunity of growth other than their own willingness.


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Assistant VP of Sales - High Compute Virtual Machines

To approach professionals in different businesses who would be interested in our fast virtual machines.

Research Developer

Assistant VP of Sales - Signal Subscriptions

Create a subscription-based model for selling out the company’s signals. Actively approach and search for new client leads.

Quantitative Research Intern